If you would like to support our activities by donating, you can do so either in kind or financially.


Foundlings Portugal is not a registered association and as such cannot receive monies. But if you want to donate, things like wormers and spot-ons for dogs and cats, used transport boxes, small blankets etc. are very useful. Contact us to find out what is most needed at any given time.


pbPegadas & Bigodes run a shelter with around 100 dogs. Here, all sorts of items are greatly appreciated, from plastic buckets and food bowls to building materials for kennels. They also sell second hand items at car boot sales, so if you have household items, tools, clothes, books etc. you no longer need, they will be gratefully received. Contact Pegadas & Bigodes directly for more details. If you wish to support them financially, you can do so to the following account:

NIB: 0010 0000 47663140001 10.


Doggiehouse is our adoption organisation who operate in Belgium and the Netherlands. They have become invaluable for us since they started out at the beginning of 2015. Dozens of dogs have found a new home thanks to their commitment to Portuguese street animals. Although Doggiehouse receive an adoption fee for the dogs they home, the costs of vaccinations, sterilisations and transport often exceed what is covered by the adoption fee. They also help animals in need of special medical care and do so by launching 1-Euro donation appeals. If you would like to help them, you can make a transfer to their account: IBAN BE13068901926639, BICGKCCBEBB.


Thank you so much!